Language Courses

There are opportunities on campus for students who want to strengthen their English language skills.  

1. The Brooklyn College American Language Academy (ALA), which offers an intensive English language program, has been re-instated.  The ALA grants 1-20 for students requiring F-1 status. For additional information, please contact Barbara Jaccarino at (718) 951-5000 ext. 3031.

2. The Department of English is now offering an Advanced Writing Workshop for ESL Graduate Students: nglish 6000x – code 50895, Wednesday 11:00-1:30.  The course covers: Reading academic texts; Discussing readings; Relating texts to one’s studies and experiences (whole class, group and individual work); Writing summaries of texts, multiple drafts of essays; Giving oral presentations; and Reviewing grammar trouble spots

Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies: Graduate Center events

The Ralph Bunche Institute, the CUNY Graduate Center’s research center on international affairs, has a fora of the following Spring 2014 talks:

February 20 (4.30pm; Rm. C201)
“Humanitarian Business”
Thomas G. Weiss, Presidential Professor of Political Science, CUNY Graduate Center
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MARCH 27 (6pm; Rm. C202)
“The Muslims Are Coming! Islamophobia, Extremism and the Domestic War on Terror”
Arun Kundnani, Former Fellow, Open Society Institute and Instructor, New York University
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April 9, 2014 (6pm; Rm. C201)
“60 Years of Atoms for Peace”
Geoffrey Shaw, Representative of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to the UN
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MAY 7 (6pm; Rm. C197)
“Bridging community division? Grassroots approaches to integration in London”
Harris Beider, Coventry University (UK) and Columbia University
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Graduate Student Development Fund: Finances for Academic Travel

Brooklyn College Graduate Student Professional Development Fund 2013-2014 

Through the Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Programs, the college can provide funds to support graduate student travel. These funds are allocated through a competitive application process.

Description of the fund:
1. Funding of up to $250 may be awarded to reimburse travel and/or registration fees to present a paper, poster, or creative project at a regional or national conference (funding cannot be allocated prior to travel, and cannot subsidize conference attendance for nonpresenters);
2. Conference travel funds are intended to subsidize, not cover all the costs of, conference attendance for presenters;
3. Students may also apply for funding for travel essential to complete research for their thesis or other significant research project.

To be eligible for funding, students must:
1. Be a matriculated graduate student at Brooklyn College registered for courses both during the semester of application and travel (students applying for summer funding need not be registered for summer courses);
2. Have completed a minimum of 6 graduate credits at Brooklyn College or document undergraduate research related to the conference topic;
3. Have a cumulative graduate GPA of 3.5 or higher.

To Apply: Please submit a complete application to Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Programs (3208 Boylan Hall), which comprises the following:
1. The application form (see your advisor);
2. Letter of acceptance from the conference;
3. A letter of recommendation from the student’s faculty advisor or graduate deputy;
4. A preliminary budget, including projected expenses for travel, lodging, and
conference registration.
5. If you are applying for funds to support your research, you must include a statement explaining how the travel is essential for your research.

Application deadlines:
Semester Student Plans to Travel:             Application Deadline:
1. Fall 2013                                                  1. December 2, 2013
2, Spring 2014                                             2. February 21, 2014
3. Summer 2014 (travel through June 30)  3. April 1, 2014

For application form, please contact Prof. Ungar at

Co-Sponsorship Statement and Policy

The Department of Political Science at Brooklyn College welcomes requests to co-sponsor speakers and events from all student groups, departments and programs. We co-sponsor events because we as a department value the open and free exchange of ideas. As educators, we place great value on learning, inside and outside the classroom. At our commuter campus, students’ time is scarce, as most have jobs. We want our students to care enough about ideas and about politics to plan and attend such events. By sponsoring and co-sponsoring speakers, we are not endorsing the ideas expressed; in the past we have sponsored and co-sponsored speakers as various as Omar Barghouti, Alan Dershowitz, Kathleen Cleaver, Elliot Abrams, Glenn Greenwald, Judith Butler, and Leonard Garment. We are instead acknowledging and encouraging students’ contributions to the intellectual life of the campus.

Fellowship for mid-career professional women engaged in the nonprofit sector

The National Council for Research on Women is pleased to announce the second cycle of a program, funded by the American Express Foundation.  Building the Next Generation of Women Leaders in the Nonprofit Sector (NCRW-Amex Fellowship) is a 15-month development program for women leaders in the nonprofit sector. The Program offers skill-building workshops, mentoring, and networking opportunities that provide promising young leaders with access to career guidance and resources for professional development.