Journal of Political Science

The Brooklyn College Journal of Political Science is a unique opportunity for students to publish an original work in the field of political science that will be read by the college community. 

Each year, graduate students in political science edit and publish the Brooklyn College Political Science Journal. Centered on a particular theme, the Journal is comprised of articles by graduate and undergraduate students, book reviews, editorials, and other essays.  The most recent edition, for example, included an art review featuring exhibits by CUNY-affiliated artists.

Completed and distributed on Graduation Day each May, the Journal begins to form in the previous fall semester. Interested students apply to be on the editorial board, and those chosen register for POL 794o, the Independent Studies Course. The editorial board is then responsible for deciding the edition’s theme, soliciting and editing contributions, writing pieces such as editorials, and supervising the publishing process.

If you would like copies of previous journals, or if you are interested in working on future editions, please contact Prof. Ungar at, describing any relevant publishing or editing experience or career plans.

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