Courses, Registration and FAQs

I. Registration Information for Political Science MA Programs

For guidance on registration, you can read and download the document here, or you can read it in separate sections by clicking How to register for classes online

II.  Student Record Worksheets

To keep track of your courses and requirements, your chair creates a worksheet for each student.  The college also has a parallel on-line Degree Progress form, which your chair also follows.  Below are the worksheets for students in the International Affairs and the Urban Policy and Administration programs.  Please update your form at the beginning of each semester.

International Affairs:  StudentRecord-IA 

Urban Policy and Administration:  For students who matriculated before Fall 2012: Urban Policy and Administration Requirements Checklist.

III.  College Support

The Office of the Bursar is pleased to introduce a new appointment service for all registered Brooklyn College students. The Bursar Counseling Appointment Tool (BCAT) will allow students to register for a one on one appointment with a Bursar advisor in a private and focused setting.  The Bursar advisors will handle issues and inquiries that include:

*Account review:  Detailed questions about charges or payments on a student’s account.
*Tuition liability charges:   Inquiries regarding charges for dropped courses.
*CUNYfirst issues:  Problems viewing or paying a balance online.
*Payment options:  Questions about payment options available to students.

Please keep in mind no appointment is required to make payments or for basic account inquiries. For these services, please visit the Bursar representatives at the Enrollment Services Center in the lobby of the West Quad Building.   Students may access BCAT via BC Webcentral and selecting E-Services>Schedule an Appointment>Bursar Counseling Appointment Tool (BCAT).  Appointments will be available from 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday as well as Monday and Wednesday evenings from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.  If you have any questions or comments regarding this service, please contact us at

IV.  Courses:

Below is the full list of masters courses offered in the masters program, categorized into the five main fields of politiical science: poltiical theory, American politics, international politics, comparative politics, and research/statistics.  Fuller descriptions of each course can be found on the Brooklyn College website.

International relations

Comparative politics

Research and Methodology:

American government

Political Theory
Below is a grid projecting courses through 2015.  This schedule is subject to change, but can help you plan your full schedule of classes in the program.
For the International Affairs program, each semester we offer the three required courses: 7610, 7720, and 7000.  In addition, each semester includes an area studies course, human rights or international law, and two specialized courses.
Course Course Name F13 S14 F14 S15
POL 7000X Statistical Concepts (R-UPA, IA) B B X
POL 7010X Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
POL 7020X Modern Political Thought X
POL 7030X American Political Thought
POL 7040X Counterrevolution
POL 7050X Fear in Politics
POL 7060X Biopolitics X
POL 7100X Twentieth-Century Political Thought
POL 7140X Theory of Anti-Capitalist Movements
POL 7150X Organization Theory
POL 7160X Empirical Political Science X
POL 7170X Master’s Seminar  (R-UPA) B B
POL 7180X Ethics and Politics
POL 7191X Selected Topics in Political Theory
POL  7200X U.S. Costitutional Law 1
POL  7210X U.S. Costitutional Law II X
POL  7220X Criminal Justice and Public Policy
POL  7230X Survey Research
POL  7240G Computer Application in Political Science
POL  7300X U.S. Party System
POL  7310X Policy Formulation in U.S. Government
POL  7320X The Presidency in the United States X
POL  7330X The Legislative Process in the US
POL  7340X Policy Analysis
POL  7350X Politics and Public Opinion Formation
POL  7360X The Politics of the U.S. Labor Movement
POL  7370X Policy Evalution
POL 7380X Politics and Technology
POL 7400X Public Administration (R-UPA) B B
POL 7420X Law and Behavioral Science
POL 7440X Government and Defense
POL 7450G Fieldwork B X
POL 7470X Metro Areas & Community Power Analysis
POL 7480X Planning for Metropolitan Areas B X
POL 7491/2X Selected Topics in American Government
POL 7510X Government of NYC/Urban Politcs (R-UPA) B
POL 7550X Health Care Politics B
POL 7570X* Racial and Ethnic Politics in US (R-UPA) B X
                           INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS
POL 7600X U.S. Foreign Policy X X
POL 7610X Modern International Politics (R-IA) B X X
POL 7620X International Organizations X
POL 7630X International Law X X
POL 7640X Global Gender Politics X
POL 7650X Human Rights and World Politics X X
POL 7665X Globalization and International Cooperation B
POL 7665X Political Economy of Migration X
POL 7670X North-South Relationships in World Politics X
POL 7680X Global Politics and Global Warming X
POL 7691X Selected Topics in International Relations
                       COMPARATIVE POLITICS
POL  7713X Developing Areas – Far East
POL  7713X Developing Areas – Middle East
POL  7714X Developing Areas – Sub-Saharan Africa X
POL  7716X Developing Areas – Latin America X
POL  7720X Comparative Politics (R-IA) X X X X
POL  7730X Soviet / Post Communist Politics X X
POL  7740X Military and Police in Politics
POL  7750X Democratization X
POL  7770X Violence and Politics X
POL  7780X Political Development B
POL  7891X Selected Topics in Comparative Politcs 0
POL  7910G Thesis Research X X X
POL  7930G Research X X X
POL  7940G Independent Study X X X
POL  7950G International Internship X X X

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I file for graduation?  A: a)  Go to your webportal   b) Click on e-Services   c) Click on Student Transaction  d)   Scroll down to “other” and click on File for Graduation using WebSIMS   or  you can go to the West Quad Center and file for graduation at the Registrar. Degree auditing and filing for graduation is the same thing.

Q: How do I register for the comprehensive exam?  A: The deadline is always posted on the BC Calendar- usually falls in late February.   a)     Go to your webportal    b)     Click on e-Services   c)     Click on Student Transactions d)     Under Graduate Studies folder-click on Apply for comprehensive Exam.

Q: What happens if you fail the comprehensive exam? You get two attempts to pass.

Q: How do I register for the language exam?   Contact Mark Ungar at, indicating your chosen language

Q: I want to write a thesis, how do I file for a thesis title and when is the deadline?  A: You will file for a thesis title AFTER you get approved by the department. The deadline for turning in a thesis title can be found on the Brooklyn College Calendar.  a)  Go to your webportal; b)   Click on e-Services;  c) Click on Graduate Student Forms;  d) Download the “Application for Filing Thesis Title”

–  I need to petition a grade, where do I go and what should I do? There are two different types of petitions, the Student Petition for an Exception to the Brooklyn College Bulletin or the “F” grade replacement online form.   a) The Student Petition form can be found by logging into your webportal, go to your e-Services tab and click on Graduate Student forms and download “Graduate Student Petition Title”      b)   The Graduate Student Petition, allows student to petition any extraordinary circumstance such as, grade replacement, exceeding 7 years to graduate, thesis not being accepted, failing comprehensive or language exam,     c) The F grade replacement online form is to put in a request to replace an F

–  I am on academic probation how do I register?  Contact your Graduate Deputy and ask for permission to register.

–  I want to take a course outside Brooklyn College.  How do I register?   If your adviser gives permission to take the course, you can then apply for an E-Permit by going to OR   c)     You can download the e-permit form by going to your webportal- going to e-services- clicking on Student Transactions- under Registration folder click on “Take courses at another CUNY college (ePermit). Fill out the form and turn it into the E-Permit Office located in the West Quad Building.   If you want to take a course outside of CUNY it requires a non-CUNY permit which can be obtained at the Registrar’s office in the West Quad Center.

– How do I transfer out of my program? Please contact your graduate deputy and consult with them before transferring out of your program. There are two routes in which you can change your program one through webportal or by stopping by the Political Science office and requesting a Curriculum/Program Change form.

a)  Go to your webportal    b)     E-Services tab- Student Transaction    c)  Graduate Studies folder     d)  Click on “Apply for a graduate program change”

–  I need advising who should I speak with? Please contact your graduate deputy for all advising questions. If you are in the Urban Policy and Administration contact Professor Shang Ha at, for International Affairs contact Mark Ungar, for Political Science contact Shang Ha.

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