Study Abroad

The Office of International Education & Global Engagement at Brooklyn College would like to share one of our study abroad programs for this Winter-Intersession 2018, Cambodia: Human Rights and Transitional Justice, with students from Brooklyn College.

Program Dates:

December 27, 2017 – January 18, 2018 (Winter-Intersession)

This program is open to all undergraduate and graduate students, all majors, and is of specific interest to students of criminal justice or pre-law, and those who plan to work in the field of international human rights.


About this Program:

— Study Retributive justice and restorative justice, two models which are used to address human rights abuses.

— Learn how to conduct interview-based research, teamwork building, and collaboration skills in a foreign environment.

— Understand how victims fight for justice, seek truth, and preserve memory in the aftermath of massive human rights abuses.

— Visit Cambodia’s world-famous historic sites, including the Royal palace in Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat, the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Siem Reap.

— Speak to villagers about their experiences during the Pol Pot regime and listen to their views of the current Khmer Rouge trial (translator provided).

— Visit the Extra Ordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) by the Cambodian Government and the United Nations (UN) and observe how the ECCC has been hailed as a

new model of hybrid justice.


Program Cost:

— Program fee: $2,038 (includes CISI health/travel insurance, program-related transportation in Cambodia, excursions, housing, and some meals).

— Brooklyn College tuition and fees for three or four credits.

— Out-of-pocket costs ($ 1,716 estimated minimum) for personal expenses, Internet/phone, visa, laundry, out-of-pocket meals, and international round-trip airfare.


Estimated Totaled Basic Program Cost: $3,754 plus Brooklyn College tuition for credits taken.


Read what students experienced on this program:

More information about the application, courses & credits, costs, etc. are available:


Faculty Information:

BC faculty member is an expert in Social Justice and on Cambodia. Participants will benefit highly from the program leader’s extensive research in Cambodia and his experience as a survivor of the Cambodian Genocide.


The Program Director, Professor Kosal Path, will be glad to speak with you about the program:

Professor Kosal Path

Department of Political Science

3608 James Hall

P: 718.951.5306



Tuesday, August 29th/ 12.15PM-2.15PM/ East & West Quad (*Rain location: Student Center*): Fall 2017 Involvement Fair, visit IEGE’s booth and get information on study abroad opportunities for BC students!


Wednesday, 30th August/ 11.30AM-1PM/ Table in front of Boylan Hall: Learn about study/teaching opportunities at the University of Sussex (England). Meet a student from the University of Sussex.


Tuesday, 5th September/ 1 PM/ 1108 Boylan Hall: Information session on Human Rights and Transitional Justice in Post-Genocide Cambodia (Cambodia), winter 2018, with Professor Path. Hear experiences from previous participants on this program.


Wednesday, 6th September/ 11.30AM-1PM/ Table in front of Boylan Hall: Study in Paris (France), especially for Business, Computer Science and Language majors. Get information and talk to exchange students from Paris!

Application period open for study abroad for Winter intersession and Spring semester 2018:



*       The Furman Fellows Scholarship for Study Abroad – October 15th

*       The Dr. Karen L. Gould International Study Fund – October 15th

*       Study Abroad Scholarship Association (SASA) Scholarship – October 15th

*       Chancellor’s Global Scholarship for Study Abroad – October 19th


*       Human Rights and Transitional Justice in Post-Genocide Cambodia

*       CUNY-BC Study Abroad in China

*       India: Global Health



*       City University Hong Kong

*       Dongguk University -South Korea

*       University of Sussex -Sussex, England

*       Université Paris-Dauphine-Paris, France

*       L’Institut Supérieur de Gestion -Paris, France

*       John Cabot University -Rome, Italy

*       Edinburgh Napier University -Edinburgh, Scotland

*       Glasgow Caledonian University -Glasgow, Scotland

*       Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona -Barcelona, Spain

Other programs also available!

For more information on IEGE programs and exchange possibilities, contact the Office of International Education & Global Engagement at 718-951-5189 or visit

Find more scholarship information:


Global Opportunities for Graduate Students

Up to four classes toward the MA may be from departments and programs outside of the Brooklyn College Political Science department.  Many students take advantage of this opportunity to take classes abroad, gaining invaluable exposure to other countries that can be key to job and academic applications.  These programs range from full semesters of study to short summer group trips, fitting a range of schedules and interests.

Below are links to programs available to masters students.  These programs are divided by sponsor, starting with Brooklyn College and followed by CUNY, SUNY, and national programs.  In addition to these programs, masters students may make their own arrangements to study abroad, which the Political Science Department can help arrange.  In the past, masters students have crated their own study abroad programs in countries ranging from Colombia to South Africa.  If you are interested in studying in a particular country, but do not have the necessary contacts or information, please see the graduate chair to develop a plan.  Since we also plan to expand our study abroad program through exchanges and other programs with universities abroad, we welcome additional suggestions.

The U.S. Department of State Internship Program provides students with a valuable experience working in a foreign affairs agency. For more information, contact Patricia Guy, Diplomat-in-Residence at CCNY, 212.650.5243 or

Brooklyn College:

Below are programs sponsored by Brooklyn College, listed by country.

For more information: Visit the BC Office of International Education & Global Engagement site at; call for an appointment at 718-951-5189; visit them in 1108 Boylan; write to  or visit their website: The office also conducts information and support sessions every semester:

– Study Abroad 1.0 General Information Session every Tuesday at 1:00 in 1108 Boylan.

-Scholarship writing workshop: 1108 Boylan Hall 12:30 – 2:00, February 10, 2015.  Learn about scholarships and stipends that are available for study and research abroad. Learn the key points of a winning scholarship application and increase the quality of your written proposals. Practice with professionals and receive insider tips from IEGE.

Winter 2018
–       Begin planning for study abroad for Winter Intersession and Spring semester 2018.
–       Receive one-on-one study abroad guidance during July and August (M-TH; 9-5).
Brooklyn College faculty led programs for Winter 2018:
–       Human Rights and Transitional Justice in Post-Genocide Cambodia
–       CUNY-BC Study Abroad in China
–       India: Global Health
Spring 2018 semester exchange options:
–       City University Hong Kong
–       Dongguk University -Seoul, South Korea
–       University of Sussex -England
–       Université Paris-Dauphine-France
–       L’Institut Supérieur de Gestion -Paris, France
–       John Cabot University -Rome, Italy
–       Edinburgh Napier University – Edinburgh, Scotland
–       Glasgow Caledonian University -Glasgow, Scotland
–       Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona -Barcelona, Spain
–       Bar Ilan University -Israel
–       Ben Gurion University of the Negev -Israel
–       Haifa University -Israel
–       Hebrew University -Israel
–       Tel Aviv University -IsraelFor more information on our programs and exchange possibilities, please contact the Office of International Education & Global Engagement at 718-951-5189 or visit

Country Programs

Antigua and Barbuda: Heritage, Food, Sustainability, and Global Climate Change Field School in Antigua & Barbuda Application Deadline: Monday, March 16, 2015 June 1, 2015 – June 22, 2015 Estimated program cost: $2,467; plus tuition and airfare
Students will explore the culture, traditions, and history of Antigua and Barbuda through immersive, multidisciplinary, hands-on experiences. Themes of colonization, diasporic communities, religion, nationalism, food and sustainability, and geography will be explored in the context of globalization.
Students will visit museums, nature reserves, artist colonies, and religious centers, and meet with local dignitaries, officials, and subject matter experts. The culmination of this experience will be the design and implementation of a museum exhibit that captures one or more of the themes explored. Analysis of archaeological artifacts, foodways, culinary traditions, and people-environment interactions from the past through present will inform this exhibit. Students will live at a guesthouse in Antigua and in shared rooms in houses in Barbuda.  This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students, all majors.  Applications Due: Monday, March 17, 2014.  Program Fee: $3,534 (includes international airfare, CISI health/travel insurance, program-related transportation in Antigua and Barbuda, excursions, housing, and 3 meals per day)  Additional Costs: Brooklyn College tuition.

Choose one course from the following: Comparative Studies in Cultures and Transformation (3 credits); Special Topics – Graduate Anthropology Abroad (3 credits). Cost: $3,267 (includes international airfare, CISI health/travel insurance, program-related transportation in Antigua and Barbuda, excursions, housing, and 3 meals per day)

Courses and Credits: Participants register for three or six credits, selecting from among the following courses: * ANTH 3015: Anthropology Abroad – Food in the Caribbean
* ANTH 7010X: Special Topics-Food in the Caribbean (Graduate students only)
* ANTH 7011: Special Topics-People and Cultures of the Caribbean (Grad students)
* CORC 3208: Comparative Studies in Cultures and Transformation

Final course offerings depend on enrollment. For more information on the program and available scholarships, and for an application, please visit the International Education & Global Engagement website:  Students must also contact the program director to express their interest: Prof. Sophia Perdikaris, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, tel 718-951-5507 or e-mail:

Central America:

Join AfGJ Nicaragua-Honduras Delegation!  Unique Chance to Compare & Contrast Honduras/Nicaragua – Alliance for Global Justice Bi-National Delegation  July 22-Aug. 1, 2015

Honduras and Nicaragua are neighbors and among the most impoverished countries in Latin America. They share the same climate and much of the same history from colonial times to independence. One country had a revolution in 1979 which today is being further developed, particularly through ALBA, the cooperative trade alliance.  The other country had no revolution but its membership in ALBA was one factor in a US-backed military coup in 2009. The negative effects of that coup are evident.  This delegation will travel south from the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, to Estelí in Nicaragua and back along a different route.

Honduras: We will visit a local chapter of the National Front of Popular Resistance in the southern department of El Paraíso, before crossing over into Nicaragua. After a few days there, we’ll return to Honduras by a different route to visit communities living on the Gulf of Fonseca resisting large-scale shrimp farming, tourism, and the infamous “Charter City” project proposed for the region. En route back to Tegucigalpa, we’ll visit communities resisting mining. In the city, we’ll speak with teachers and healthcare unions resisting the IMF’s latest Structural Adjustment programs and learn about their impacts on health and education, as well as with human rights organizations documenting the high levels of insecurity and state violence in the country.

Nicaragua: We will visit the northern cities of Ocotal, Somoto, and Estelí to meet with representatives of the Agriculture, Environment, and the Family and Associative Economy ministries.  From these officials we’ll learn about government policies contributing to economic growth and poverty reduction especially through Nicaragua’s participation in ALBA rather than through the “assistance” of the International Monetary Fund. The group will also visit an agricultural cooperative and a home for at-risk expectant mothers, meet with students, teachers, healthcare workers, etc. and spend time in one of the area’s beautiful nature reserves.

For students of comparative politics and solidarity activists alike, this will be a unique experience that will inform your world view for years to come, including the root causes of migration and “the right to stay home.” We will spend approximately the same number of days in each country.

Cost: $1,100 (includes: all ground transportation including airport pick-up and delivery, three meals/day, hotels [double occupancy], and translation)

For an application or more information: For more information, visit

Guatemala Study Abroad opportunity: Summer and Semesters. Changing students’ lives, supporting local research. You can link your students with an experience that will transform their lives and offer significant support for one of Guatemala’s most critical and committed research institutes: the Association for the Advancement of the Social Sciences (AVANCSO). In partnership with the University of Arizona, AVANCSO has founded the Programa Internacional de Educación y Acción Social, IDEAS, that brings together the University of Arizona’s historical commitment to a rigorous praxis-oriented study program in Guatemala with AVANCSO’s almost 30 years of commitment shaping young scholars and producing original engaged research for social transformation. 
IDEAS offers a unique Study Abroad opportunity for your path-breaking students, those who are asking critical questions about Latin America, those who have shown an interest in social justice, and/or a penchant for research: those whose intellectual curiosity seems insatiable.  As one of our Summer 2015 students wrote in her evaluation:
This program flawlessly weaves together raw, real, true Guatemala, with critical thinking, opportunities, and spectacular education, with fun trips, great conversation, and people that really care about you. …I would say a student who wants a life changing experience, a student who wants to be challenged, and a student who really wants to experience life and culture should be the one to take this study abroad.
All 3 and 4 credit courses are taught by Guatemalan scholars and scholar-activist. IDEAS works with students to carry out independent research and/or internships to combine with classwork for their final projects.  Students have researched themes as varied as Afro-descendants in Guatemala, expatriate assumptions, indigenous women’s participation in struggles for defense of territory, and the relationship between civil war legacies and migration. Interested students can earn University of Arizona credits at an in-state tuition fee with classes, homestay and internships in the Antigua area and a special Public Health program for advanced students.  
The Summer Semester is ideal for an intense internship experience and/or language study.  At the same time, we offer the possibility of two unique Latin American Studies seminars, one of which will be on women writers in Guatemala taught by IDEAS director and renowned Central American playwright and poet Dr. Ruben Najera.
 For more information:  Study Abroad Flyer 2016-2017

Ghana: Ghana Study Abroad 
Culture and Heritage in Ghana – Summer.  This program introduces students to African history, culture and contemporary issues. The program explores trans-Atlantic history and culture, as well as issues surrounding pan-African identity, anti-colonial struggles and globalization and its manifestations in the art and literature of Ghana. The program begins in Accra, where lectures and readings will be complemented by visits to cultural and historic sites. Participants will then travel to Kumasi, where they will immerse in the study and practice of Ghanaian culture through music and dance workshops and lectures with Ghanaian and Brooklyn College professors at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology on a variety of subjects. Students will also participate in a four-day service-learning component based in a peri-urban village that will include hands-on teaching and learning activities. Visits to kente weaving and craft villages, as well as traditional Ashanti cultural events will highlight the trip. Students will travel to Cape Coast and visit the Kakum Canopy walk and coastal slave forts. Students will be accommodated in hostels on or near the university campuses. Individual research projects can be arranged.

This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students, all majors. Applicants should have 30 college credits or more.  Applications Due: March.

Program Fee: $3,200 (includes international airfare, CISI health/travel insurance, program-related transportation in Ghana, excursions, housing, 2 meals per day, and all lectures and speakers)  Additional Costs: $615, plus Brooklyn College tuition. Non-tuition out-of-pocket costs include estimated costs for personal expenses, required vaccinations, visa, Internet/phone, laundry, and out-of-pocket meals.

Courses and Credits: Undergraduates will register for six credits, and graduate students will register for three or more credits; all selecting from among selecting from among the following courses:
*       AFST 3225/THEA 2502: Black Theater
*       AFST 3290: Special Topics in Literature, Culture, and the Arts
*       AFST 7040X: Summer Seminar in Africa (Graduate students only)
*       CORC 3110: Literature of the African Diaspora

Students must also contact the program director to express their interest: Prof. Dale Byam, Department of Africana Studies, tel 718-951-5597,



Programa Internacional de Educación y Acción Social, IDEAS.    IDEAS, a partnership between the University of Arizona and AVANCSO, the Association for the Advancement of Social Science brings together the academic rigor and experiential learning of the CIRMA Study Abroad Partnership (2005-2013) with AVANCSO’s commitment to transformative research and action.  Moreover, IDEAS includes a tailored reflection-praxis course to help students integrate their daily experience and course study with critical analysis and future life plans. Interested students can earn University of Arizona credits with classes, homestay and internships in the Antigua area and a special Public Health program for advanced students.

The extended Fall deadline: express interest by April 20 and apply by March 1.  See program flyer or for an in-depth description: IDEAS Guatemala Program 2015. To apply:  Contact Elizabeth Oglesby, or Jennifer Casolo, for more information.



Italy: BC-JCU Italy Exchange



CUNY International Programs:

CUNY offers 51 programs in 133 countries, with three types of structures:

  • Study Abroad programs may be semester-long, year-long or short-term (typically run during the summer or winter intersession). These programs consist of courses aimed toward a particular course of study and are taught by faculty of the host institution or by visiting CUNY faculty. Students usually pay tuition to the foreign institution through the sponsoring CUNY college. Financial assistance, such as federal student loans and Pell grants, may be available.
  • Exchange programs provide similar opportunities. CUNY students attend an overseas institution for a semester or academic year in exchange for foreign students who enroll at a CUNY college. CUNY students generally pay CUNY tuition to the sponsoring CUNY college. Under current law, the State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) may be applied to such exchange programs. Students may also be eligible for federal student loans and Pell grants.
  • Faculty-led programs are courses taught by CUNY faculty. The programs are short-term and typically run during the summer or winter intersession. Financial assistance, such as federal student loans and Pell grants, may be available.

CUNY Study Abroad Program Directory    Though most CUNY programs are for undergraduate students, we will arrange for graduate credit if the program director can arrange for graduate-level work.

For more information, visit or write to:

Opportunity in Bosnia:


Buffalo State SUNY Study Abroad

Binghamton University SUNY Study Abroad

Search Engines for Study Abroad Programs:

Global Exchange

Institute of International Education

Operation Groundswell


Other Selected Study Abroad Programs, by Country:

Andean Study Abroad Program- Florida International University Latin American Caribbean Center

Austria- Sommerhochschule


IsraelThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Tel Aviv University’s MA in Middle Eastern Studies (MAMES) program offers students an academic immersion in the history and current affairs of the modern Middle East. The program is taught in English and includes an optional thesis track, field trips in Israel/Palestine and Jordan, and myriad extracurricular programs to enrich students’ learning experience. Those interested in pursuing careers in the fields of journalism, diplomacy, government, think tank research, advocacy/activism, and academia, will find an unparalleled opportunity to acquire an in-depth understanding of the political, social and economic dimensions of the Middle East, from within. The MAMES program also offers intensive language courses in written and spoken Arabic, Hebrew, and Turkish.

The MAMES Program is closely linked with the Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies,  an interdisciplinary research center devoted to the study of the modern history and contemporary affairs of the Middle East and North Africa. Not only do students benefit from research opportunities and resources; the Dayan Center recruits its research assistants from the MAMES classes to build the next generation of Middle East scholars.
The Center’s publications include peer reviewed journals, economics and current affairs newsletters, and analysis of recent trends and regional phenomena. The Dayan Center is launching the Diane and Guilford Glazer Media Initiative, a new series of media projects, including the Diwaniyya podcast on Middle East culture, history and politics. The Dayan Center provides a broad view of the Middle East and North Africa by analyzing the region’s current and historical geopolitical, as well as social and cultural phenomena. For this reason, the Dayan Center would be a great place to intern for any students interested in the MENA region.

Mexico- Mexico Solidarity Network

Middle East- Galilee International Management Institute

Peru – Ecela Spanish. The program includes the equivalent of two college Spanish courses plus significant exposure to Peruvian legal and political systems.  It is especially appropriate for anyone considering a career with contact with Spanish-speaking populations, such as in immigration, civil rights, or criminal justice.  Dates: July 6 – August 16.  Tuition: $2,499.  For application, please contact


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