Scholarships and Funding

(1) Tuition Waivers

Each semester, three students in the the MA program in International Affairs receive a tuition waiver for the following semester.  The students are chosen based on overall GPA, and must be registered for at least two courses during the semester in which the waiver is applied.  Notifications will be sent to selected students at the end of each semester.  Three alternatives are also chosen in case the awardees are not able to accept the waiver.

(2) Brooklyn College Graduate Scholarships

The application for Brooklyn College scholarships and awards for the 2014-2015 academic year is now accessible on the BC WebCentral Portal.  You will find it listed under “Student Transactions” within the “e services” tab.  Please be sure to read the guidelines before you start the application.  The deadline for submitting an application for entering and continuing graduate Students is March 13, 2014.  Please make sure that all of your supporting materials, such as essay and letters of recommendation, are submitted by the appropriate deadline date.  Good luck and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the application at 718-951-4796 or

(3) Pat Ruffin Memorial Award

Each year, one graduating student from the MA program in International Affairs, who has completed a thesis, is given the Pat Ruffin Memorial Award.  This award, established in memory of our colleague Patricia Ruffin, is our program’s highest honor.  Professor Ruffin specialized in women’s rights, democratization, and Africa, and students working in these or related areas are given special consideration.  The award comes with a modest monetary sum.

(4) Rose Goldstein Memorial Scholarship

An award of up to $600 for a MA student in international affairs, based on GPA

(5) Louis P. Goldberg Memorial Scholarship

An award of up to $1,000 for a MA student in international affairs, based on GPA

(6) Iris J. Giannota and Yolanda G. Jacobs Scholarship

An award of up to $1,000 for a MA student in international affairs, based on GPA

(7) Albert Gorvine Graduate Scholarship

An award of up to $1,000 for a MA student in international affairs, based on GPA

(8) Graduate Student Professional Development Fund

Through the Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Programs, the college can provide funds to support graduate student travel. These funds are allocated through a competitive application process.

1. Funding of up to $250 may be awarded to reimburse travel and/or registration fees to present a paper, poster, or creative project at a regional or national conference (funding cannot be allocated prior to travel, and cannot subsidize conference attendance for nonpresenters);
2. Conference travel funds are intended to subsidize, not cover all the costs of, conference attendance for presenters;
3. Students may also apply for funding for travel essential to complete research for their thesis or other significant research project.

To be eligible for funding, students must:
1. Be a matriculated graduate student at Brooklyn College registered for courses both during the semester of application and travel (students applying for summer funding need not be registered for summer courses);
2. Have completed a minimum of 6 graduate credits at Brooklyn College or document undergraduate research related to the conference topic;
3. Have a cumulative graduate GPA of 3.5 or higher.

To Apply: Please submit a complete application to Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Programs (3208 Boylan Hall), which comprises the following:
1. The application form (see your advisor);
2. Letter of acceptance from the conference;
3. A letter of recommendation from the student’s faculty advisor or graduate deputy;
4. A preliminary budget, including projected expenses for travel, lodging, and
conference registration.
5. If you are applying for funds to support your research, you must include a statement explaining how the travel is essential for your research.

Application deadlines:
Semester Student Plans to Travel:             Application Deadlines (TBA):
1. Fall 2014                                                  1. December 2014
2. Spring 2015                                             2. February 27, 2015                            Application Form: BC Prof Dev Fund 2015-16
3. Summer 2015 (travel through June 30)  3. April 2015

For more information, see Travel Grad Student Conference Travel Funds.

(9) Other Brooklyn College grants:

Division of Student Affairs – University Student Senate Scholarships 
Are you a Masters student in good standing (GPA 3.0 or above) who has provided support to fellow graduate students?
Then you may be eligible to apply for the USS Graduate Peer Mentoring Scholarship. It is awarded to students who have demonstrated a tremendous effort to help other graduate students through academic support, professional development, and leadership development within their college community. Selected students will receive an award of $1000.
Reply to this message if you are requesting an application or additional information. Please include your full name and contact information. Completed applications must be returned to Moraima Cunningham, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, 2113 Boylan Hall by Friday, April 3.
General Criteria to Apply (Graduating Seniors are not eligible):
All applicants must be permanent residents, citizens, or NYC residents to apply for any USS scholarship.
Checklist for Applying:
  1. Application
  2. Two Letters of Recommendation (At least one letter must be from a CUNY faculty member).
  3. Two Personal Essays (300 words each)
    1. Three hundred (300) words stating why you would benefit from this scholarship and how do you believe you have earned it?
    2.  Three hundred (300) words stating your field of interest, current projects, future plans, etc.
  4. Resume
  5. An official letter verifying enrollment of the current academic year.
  6. An official transcript
  7. Bursar receipts for the current semester.
  8. Signed Declaration Form

(10) Fulbrights: The scholarship Office is looking for high achieving students (juniors, seniors, or graduates) to apply for the Fulbright scholarship.  If you are interested in spending a year abroad conducting research, participating in a creative project, or teaching English, this could be an excellent opportunity for you.  For details on the program, please consult the website:  Once you have done that, if you would like to discuss your eligibility, contact Stephen Gracia, Fellowship Coordinator  Scholarship Office, 210 West Quad Building so that we can set up a meeting.  Fulbright recommends that you apply through Brooklyn College’s application process, so if you are interested in applying, please contact us because the application process is a long and complicated one.

U.S. Student Fulbright Grant
*  Allows for individually designed study/research or an English Teaching Assistantship You can propose a project and/or study plan that will take place during one academic year in a country outside of the U.S.
*  Provides grants for study/research/teaching in a single country (For exceptions, see World Region Summaries) You can meet, work, and live with and learn from the people of the host country, sharing daily experiences.
*  Facilitates cultural exchange Through direct interaction on an individual basis in the classroom, field, home, and in daily tasks, you can gain an appreciation of others’ viewpoints and beliefs, the way they do things, and the way they think.
*  Promotes mutual understanding Through engagement in the community, you can interact with your hosts on one-to-one basis in an atmosphere of openness, academic integrity, and intellectual freedom.

Who can apply for a U.S. Student Fulbright Grant?
*  Recent BA/BS graduates Graduating seniors and recent bachelor’s-degree recipients usually propose projects for which they have had some preparation and/or direct work or internship experience.
*  Master’s and doctoral candidates who demonstrate capacity for independent study or research, together with a general knowledge of the history, culture, and current events of the countries to which they are applying.
*  Young professionals, including writers, journalists, and those in law, business, and other professional fields May have up to 5 years of professional study and/or experience in the field in which they are applying. Those with more than 5 years of experience should apply to the Council for International Exchange of Scholars in the Fulbright Scholar Program.

(11) Boren Fellowship

A federal award for graduate students for travel focusing on learning a new language.

Please visit  for details.

(12) Federal Finanical Aid Programs for Brooklyn College MA students

Teach Grant: This is a grant program which does not have to be paid back, but before each disbursement, students must sign an agreement with the Federal government to commit to teach after they graduate or leave school—otherwise their grant will be changed to unsubsidized loan and will accrue interest from their first disbursement date.  For further information please visit the following link:

FWS: Federal Work Study Program: Part-time job on or off campus. Students are placed into the department of their choice, at a maximum of 20 hours per week, $10/hour.

Perkins Loan:  Only the neediest students are eligible; packages (awards) are distributed by the University to the colleges until funds are exhausted.  Early FAFSA filers will receive this loan at 5% fixed interest; the maximum award is $2500 per semester.  (Every year CUNY receives less funds from the Federal government due to budget cuts).

Unsubsidized loans and grad plus loan: Since a majority of our students apply for unsubsidized loans, it was very sad when we learned that subsidized loans were eliminated for our graduate students in 2011, forcing them to pay interest while in school.   For more details please click to this link:

Alternative loans: mostly international students apply for this loan. Students deal directly with bank/lender.

Veteran benefits: this benefit is administered by Brooklyn College’s VA Office. The benefit will cover up to the student’s tuition cost.  Various programs exists such as: post-9/11 GI bill, Montgomery GI Bill, etc.  Here is the link for more details:

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